Voice Platform as a Service is what we call our white-labeled platform built for resellers and integrators. Whether you use our infrastructure, or prefer that we deploy onto equipment within your environment, we take care of every single piece in voice and voice application delivery.

VPaaS Options


When VPaaS needs to be installed on systems that aren't already within Voxter's Cloud Infrastructure, we manage this entire process for you. It ensures your systems are properly set up, updated and maintained. Our service includes bulk provisioning of phones, firewalls, routers and network devices.

Business continuity

These pieces are the things that make sure your business is able to stay online and scale up (or down) when needed, while keeping security and data privacy at the forefront. Core features include end-to-end encryption, data isolation, lawful intercept and routing, fraud detection/avoidance, disaster recovery/failover and scalability.

VoIP system

Training and support

Monthly seminars in our Voxter Academy classroom, as well as online webinars (active resellers get access to video content). Yearly Reseller Event with training, roadmap, hands on demos, and more. Certification levels through Voxter Academy. White-labeled guides, marketing material, data sheets made available to resellers.

The Best

“You guys are the best. No hyperbole.”

David -Sayson Tech (Previously VP of Bus Development N. America for Aastra now Mitel)