Our points of presence (POP) network is the backbone of our service. We take great pride in our footprint and have spent years building it out, ensuring only the highest quality and service. We monitor it constantly, and our routing is carefully selected so that your calls work the way you want.

Where does Voxter’s POP network operate?

POP Network

POPs, or points of presence, are carrier facilities in communications infrastructure that lets devices or networks connect to the internet. They often consist of a router, switches, servers, and other data communication devices.

What makes the network so special?

VoIP phone system
Worldwide Coverage

We have POPs in Vancouver, Toronto, San Jose, London UK, Tokyo Japan, Melbourne Australia

VoIP phone providers

Each POP is ready to take over in the event of an outage. Achieve business uptime with Voxter Automatic Failover.

POP Network
Intelligent Routing

Our platform can intelligently route your calls via the most intelligent path, ensuring you always have a crystal clear conversation.

POP Network
Dedicated Connectivity

To ensure your calls are always crystal clear, we deliver dedicated connectivity between our facility and your office.

Our Promise to You

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Why it Works

Our multiple POPs means your call takes the fewest internet hops to reach us. Our dedicated connection means your data packets aren’t competing with other internet traffic like downloading movies! And we take voice quality measurements once per millisecond so we’ll know of — and fix — issues, often before anyone has even noticed