We’ve developed a globally redundant voice network that has multiple connections to international Tier 1 carriers. We continuously monitor the network for any issue that could compromise voice quality.

Our architecture assures that traffic comes directly to the nearest Point-of-Presence (POP) from the local carrier.

Key Benefits

VoIP phone system
Call Quality Guarantee

Voxter’s multiple POP's ensure that you always get the best-sounding calls no matter from where your call is coming. Each call receives a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) out of 5 to measure its quality. We aim to hit 4.5 or higher to ensure your voice experience is clear and reliable.

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Phone Numbers

We can get you inbound numbers around the globe. You can be in your office in Calgary and service customers on the other side of the world — all while appearing local to them.

VoIP phone system
Points of Presence

Our distributed POPs are located in multiple countries. We have established points of presence in Vancouver, Toronto, California (LA & San Jose), London, Australia and Tokyo with more coming on line soon. Limiting the distance calls have to travel significantly improves their quality.

POP Network
Toll Free Numbers

Our global presence also allows us access to toll free numbers in over 150 countries. Your clients in London can call your London office toll free. Greater convenience equals a better customer experience.

Toll Free DIDs in Remote Cities

We came to Voxter needing toll free numbers in some obscure areas. They were able to set us up with these numbers and have supported us with many more as we have grown over the years.

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