Voxter applications put call control for your entire organization at your fingertips. From light-weight applications like our Chrome Click-to-Call, to our HTML5 web-based control panel, through to our native apps. You’re in full control.

Call control is the heart of a VoIP phone system. It determines how and where to route calls and maintains the connections. It’s what lets you specify actions such as call forwarding, restart a call, or enable video conferencing.

With call control, you:

  • Centralize the management of internal and external communication
  • Ensure customers have a consistent experience every time they contact your company
  • Simplify maintenance and provisioning

Features and Benefits

Feature-rich call control lets a single-click do much of what you need to manage and process calls — all from a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. It enables mobility, makes provisioning a breeze, and puts your employees back in charge.

Feature Description What It Means for You
Click to call Originate a call from your phone by clicking a single link, or generate calls between two others with drag-n-drop Speed up the time to manage and process calls
Dashboard / Heads-up display Get a full view of company status in an easy-to-read comprehensive dashboard Better insight into real-time activities
Presence / Status indicators See who’s in the office, on vacation, on the phone, in a conference, or where they are in a queue Less wasted time trying to track someone down
Transfers / Conferencing One-click transfers or 3-way calls, for yourself or others Speed up the time to manage and process calls
Queue management Easy access to queue login / logout / call retrieval functions, from your browser Efficiently manage the queue to minimize waiting times
Conference room management Create conferences, mute or remove participants, change volume, activate recording, all from your browser Be in control, spin up a conference for many in no time at all
Active call list / Call timers Clear call-timer counters allow you to see how many people are on the call and see how long they’ve been talking Analytics can help you determine and improve business efficiency
Whisper / Barge / Listen modes Join calls in progress, listen, talk to both, or whisper to your agent Especially handy for training or call centers, or to provide staff coaching; Can keep an issue from escalating by intervening in problematic calls
Multi-platform Works across PC / Mac / Linux / mobile Use it on whatever, wherever, anywhere