Case Study: Traction on Demand

Developing a voice solution for one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America.

Traction on Demand is a consulting and cloud software development firm with unparalleled expertise in using the platform to improve business processes. Recently they ranked number 21 out of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in North America in Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 50.

Replacing an outdated system with new technology without skipping a beat.

Traction on Demand has been growing quickly, really quickly, and their old phone system was not able to keep up with the demands being placed upon it. As a forward thinking, technically savvy company, Traction on Demand knew there was a way to bring their phone system into the digital age, and to use it to improve everything from communications to billing. They knew it was possible but also knew that with revenue growth of 573% over the last three years, they couldn’t afford to miss a customer call or suffer any down time as the system was upgraded.


Voxter was able to design, configure and test Traction on Demand’s system before scheduling a seamless, real time cut over onto the new system. The result was no downtime and a seamless transition for their staff that was invisible to their customer.


Improving call quality and ensuring reliable quality for all conference calls.

Traction on Demand’s old system didn’t offer the best quality, calls were sometimes dropped and conference calls often sounded less than clear. Voxter was tasked with ensuring reliable quality and a conference calling experience that worked perfectly – every time. The team at Traction on Demand wanted to know they could pick up a call, transfer a call and join conference calls easily and consistently while still adding their specific feature requests to each seat for different users.


Voxter’s network was designed to peer directly with many large telecom providers. By peering with other providers, traffic, in our case calls, spend as little time as possible on the public internet. The public internet is full of competing traffic, bandwidth constraints and other variables that threaten call quality. Voxter’s peering relationships remove as many variables as possible allowing Voxter’s engineers to control the path that call data takes to reach its destination. What does all this mean? I means we can guarantee superior call quality. By design.

"Near perfect customer service."

Brian A. -Traction on Demand