Case Study: FreshTAP

Read on about the transformation of FreshTAP Canada's phone system.

FreshTAP is a premium packaging company that provides wineries a cost-effective, hassle free and reliable way to join the expanding Wine-On-Tap market in stainless steel kegs, delivering fine wine to the customer in the most efficient way possible. FreshTAP’s expansion into a new office space required a scaleable, flexible and robust phone solution to grow with them; and the installation needed to be completed in less than one week.

One of their challenges was to find a telecom provider that could address the call flows for the multiple and distinct entities associated with FreshTAP.

“We currently have two companies that are serving their own distinct client base. We have a team of 10 that have responsibilities overlapping multiple companies. Staff need to know which company is being called in order to answer the call under the appropriate banner. Voxter provided us with a multi-tenant system that allows calls from both FreshTAP and DirectTAP customers to call into Voxter’s Enterprise System. Team members see a pre-pended caller ID on the phone to identify which line has been called” ~ Jordan Laker, Controller FreshTAP



Voxter set up a solution to associate FreshTAP’s phone number being called with corresponding text, to identify which company the inbound call is intended for. This text is displayed on the LCD screen of FreshTap’s Mitel phones.


Coverage for the 40,000 square foot warehouse.

FreshTAP has a large warehouse and often requires their logistics team to take or manage phone calls while on the floor. Using a mobile phone was not cost-effective nor convenient.


Voxter’s knowledge of everything telecom includes best of breed telecom hardware and peripherals. “A recommendation of the Uniden EXP1240 SIP-DECT mobile phone for FreshTAP has proven to be very successful.” The Uniden phone provides wide coverage in FreshTAP’s warehouse with quality and reliable audio.

Another mobility feature ideal for FreshTAP, is simul-ring. Desk phones and associated mobile devices can be rung simultaneously; this ensures staff who are away from their desk or out of the office, can still retrieve calls placed to their office number.

Rapid expansion requires specific technical design and implementation.

As companies like FreshTAP expand their staffing within their existing space and grow into remote locations or branch and affiliate offices, additional staff and locations can be easily added onto Voxter’s telecom network.

High quality calls & local DIDs at any new office location.
A shared platform experience for all users, across offices, divisions, or even companies.


To serve customers with distinct scalability needs, Voxter’s telecom network spans beyond Canada and the USA with recent installations in Germany and the Netherlands. Voxter supports services in over 100 countries, with a robust and reliable solution that can scale from 5 to 500+ users. With a global network, Voxter can also integrate multi-branch and multinational companies onto one telecom solution; this creates a shared platform experience for all users, extension dialling, cost savings and a single point of contact for excellent support.

Thoughts from FreshTap

“We were very impressed with the service and attention that was given to us from
initial consultation to installation, and the ongoing customer tech support… Voxter also
provided us with recommendations to our IT network build-out, which is outside their
scope of work – they went the extra mile to ensure our network was setup properly.”


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